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Errors & Omissions

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Professional Liability – Errors and Omissions Insurance

Errors and Omissions Liability Insurance (also known as Professional Liability Insurance) is cover designed to protect you or your business in the event a claim is made against you following a professional service or form of advice you have provided that the claimant has deemed negligent (error and omission).

This type of coverage is designed to prevent future claimants from affecting you and your organisation, should a claim arise.


Professional Cover Designed to Protect You and Your Career

Our Professional Liability Policy will help cover against:

  • · Judgements
  • · Settlements
  • · Legal Defence Costs
  • · Compensation Costs
  • · Financial Losses (From small to life altering)
  • · Bodily Injury


Putting the client first – Professional Liability

Professional Liability is designed to put you and your business first. No matter how professional and high quality your services or advice may be, there will always be that one client who feels you did not meet their expectations, or perhaps even a client that wants to blame you for something that isn’t entirely your fault.

Errors and Omissions help you cover the costs should such a client file a lawsuit against you and your respective organisation. Depending on the type of claim and ‘negligent actions’ made against the claimant, these claims can change the future of your carer for the worst.

Claims can not only result in large financial sums, but also in damage or business reputation. Should you be unprotected, you can risk having your name tarnished when a claim arises. By acquiring adequate professional liability, you cover every possibility leaving both your bank account and your reputation completely untouched.


Our Appetite

We can help provide Professional Liability cover to a multitude of professional individuals and business. Our appetite is far and wide, including the likes of:

  • Accountants and Auditors
  • Lawyers and Solicitors
  • Architects and Engineers
  • Design and Construction
  • Cyber and Technology
  • Financial Institutions and FinTech Companies
  • Insurance Brokers and MGA’s
  • Digital Media and Printer Companies
  • Property and Surveyors
  • Medical Professionals
  • Recruitment Agencies
  • Healthcare Entities
  • Niche Industries and Companies

While we help cover major industries, we also like to have a look at declined risks based within specific and more niche industries – providing coverage when no one else will.