Medical Malpractice for Groups of Practitioners & Associations

Cover for Groups of practitioners and associations has been increasing throughout the UK and Europe as it is often seen as a cost-effective method for insuring a group a medics.  The idea is that it provides the ability for a network of medics to benefit from a single overarching policy for their medical malpractice requirements, thus providing a cost-effective solution.

What are the basic’s you need to request from the Insured:

  1. Completed Association or Entity proposal form.
  2. A list of all the medics in the group or the number of medics’ within the association.
  3. In a large group or association, the number of medics’ that will benefit or use the coverage provided.
  4. Signed and dated No Claims Disclosure.
  5. A description of the type of coverage required.
  6. Risk Mitigation protocols.

What you need to discuss with your client:

  1. Limits of Indemnity – since there are multiple benefactors on a single umbrella policy, the limit needs to be appropriate to cover claims for all the members.
  2. The nature of an Aggregated Policy – the insured needs to understand the consequence of going over an aggregated limit.
  3. Run-Off (ERP) – ERP will note function the same as policies for individual practitioners. The insured needs to understand the differences and duration of the ERP.
  4. Claims History.  Previous claims history will have a widespread effect on the umbrella policy which will ultimately affect the premium for the group or association as a whole (commonly, within an association members do not contribute to the policy and is a benefit of membership).
  5. Cancelations and how they affect claims made policies.
  6. Reporting incidents that may give rise to a claim.

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