Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

What is Directors and Officers [D&O] Liability?

D&O Liability is also known as management liability insurance. This covers insurance to directors and organizations (or entities) following claims brought against them via their employees, previous directors, current directors, and third-party claimants.

This coverage tends to include awarded cost of compensation, defense costs when negligence is proven, and defense costs to defend a claim where the insured is not negligent. It also helps protect against claims made due to the insured's wrongful acts (negligent acts and errors and omissions).

Do I need D&O Cover?

A variety of companies may require D&O coverage. We help supply Directors and Officers Liability Insurance to a wide range of organizations, including: 

  • Media and Publishing Companies
  • Construction
  • Insurance Providers and Brokers
  • Medical Unions/Clinics/Surgery Practices
  • Charity based Entities/Companies
  • Fintech and Technology companies, including Cryptocurrency
  • Engineers
  • Architects
  • Accountants
  • Solicitors 
  • Insurance Broker
  • Financial Institutions – Hedge funds, Asset Managers, Investment Managers, Fund administers

And many more - We help ensure a variety of standard and niche specialists/companies.

All these companies can face a claim against their respective directors and organizations as a whole due to the negligent actions of a director(s). If you are a director, decision-maker, or founder of an organization, we recommend you protect yourself in every way possible and acquire adequate D&O Cover.

When providing a D&O policy, we look at your unique situation and offer you cover best suited to your specifically. If you do not get D&O coverage, you are fully responsible in the event of a claim and will be held liable to pay out in full for any legal and/or compensation costs no matter how financially damaging they may be.

D&O Liability Insurance – Claims Made Basis

Our Directors and Officers Policy is strictly conducted on a 'claims-made basis.' This means our policies cover for claims made and reported to the insurer during the insurance cover period only.

The Three Types of D&O Cover

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance is a broad form of insurance that can cover many exposures and claim scenarios. These can be divided into Three Sides, all offering different forms of coverage. Depending on your specific requirements, you may require one side of D&O insurance or multiple sides. Working alongside Servca, we will ensure you are insured only for the cover sides you need.

  • Side A (Individual Directors & Officers Cover) – Insurance offers direct coverage for individual directors when the organization is legally unable to or unwilling to indemnify its directors.
  • Side B (Corporate Reimbursements) – When a corporation indemnifies directors, this coverage will provide Cover for the corporation's reimbursement.
  • Side C (Entity Securities) – This is coverage generally reserved for publicly listed companies. It protects the entity from its liability exposure to securities.

These various sides can helping protect against different claims that can have life-altering implications, including:

  • Sexual Harassment Claims
  • Health and Safety Disputes
  • Shareholder Disputes
  • Employment & HR Disputes
  • Bankruptcy Situations
  • Retention Payment Failures
  • Stock Underperformance
  • Failure to Comply with Laws and Regulations
  • Lack of Corporate Governance
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