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Specialist Lawyers & Solicitors Indemnity Insurance

When it comes to solicitors and solicitors firms, professional indemnity insurance (also known as PII) is one of the significant overheads to be considered. Premiums for this essential class of insurance can vary widely from insurance company to insurance company, so it's best to go with a company that offers a comprehensive cover and the experience and knowledge of your specific sector.

Solicitors indemnity insurance is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and stipulates a large degree of the policy wording. Despite this, the professional indemnity market for solicitors can still very much be a minefield.

Over the years, numerous insurers have gone bust, and law firms being forced into closure by the SRA due to an inability to obtain the correct cover. To provide the right cover, it's essential to have a strong understanding of the market and its works. This will allow us to make a more informed decision regarding the right product for your firm. 

Experienced & Professional Team Specialising in the placement of Solicitors and Lawyers

Here at Servca, we're proud to boast a specific team with over 15 years' experience within the London market. We operate a dedicated facility for Solicitors Professional Indemnity insurance in the UK for both existing and start-up solicitors' firms.

Our highly experienced professional indemnity insurance team is well-versed in risk management and places solicitors' insurance requirements into the Lloyd's London market, accredited and SRA-approved participating insurers.

Specialist Solicitors Insurance by Servca (Lloyd’s of London Broker)

As an independent broker at Lloyd's, we specialize in focusing on sole practitioners and partner firms consisting of 1-4 partners. 

With the removal of the common renewal date from the SRA, we also now offer assistance to our valued solicitors all year round. This is to ensure we serve our clients regularly, offering full-cycle claims management services and flexible monthly payments and 12,18, 24, and rolling monthly policies.

As a client of ours, we'll obtain full risk management and claims summaries each year to ensure we can provide you with the best, most affordable policy options possible. We'll do our best to negotiate the best terms and the most accurate reserves. Our specialist solicitors indemnity insurance is approved on the SRA participating insurers list, offering stability and peace of mind to every one of our valued customers. 

Cyber Extension

One of the most significant risks facing solicitors here in the UK and globally happens to be cyber-related risks, along with phishing emails to unsuspecting clients. To ensure our lawyer's insurance provides the comprehensive cover needed, we have developed specialist coverage for solicitors seeking first and third-party cover in the event of a cyber-related threat or attack. 

Whether it's a loss of data, business interruption, or even damage to reputation, with Servca, you're covered.

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