Programs & Facilities

Our dedicated team specializes in working with Canadian associations and affinity groups to arrange customized insurance programs around Errors & Omissions, Medical Malpractice, Healthcare Liability, and Technology/Cyber Cover, helping associations attract and retain new members. 

Under our bespoke program, we can:

  • White label the insurance program under your corporate identity;
  • Issue a Master Policy under the name of your association, with members attaching to the master policy; or issue individual policies to each member;
  • Make you an agent/Lloyd’s Open Market Correspondence (OMC) of Servca Group so you can share the upside in commissions and retain control;
  • Create bespoke Policy Wordings around your association/group;
  • Tailor the Excess levels and limits of cover. 

If you are a Canadian association or affinity group – contact us and see how we can help you create a bespoke insurance program for your members.

Programs and Facilities